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The “Tenzing” brand derives its name from the famous Nepalese sherpa “Tenzing Norgay” who led Sir Edmond Hillary on the first successful ascent to the top of Mount Everest. This seasoned mountaineer provided Hillary the expertise, the resources, and the equipment to enable him to achieve his life’s goal. In the same way, the Tenzing™ brand enables hunters to achieve their goals by being the brand that equips them for success. Tenzing’s advanced products, resources and inspiring tonality help push hunters to succeed in their pursuit to become legendary.

Veteran hunter and gear expert Jay Robert is the man leading the Tenzing™ product development team, “This project has been a product developer’s dream-come-true,” said Robert, who has more than 15 years of pack manufacturing expertise and a lifetime of personal pack-use experience. “It is rare to be literally given a blank piece of paper and no instructions other than ‘build the best,’ but that’s really how it all started.”



All Tenzing hunting packs are constructed with advanced strength panels reinforced with Dyneema. Acknowledged as the world’s strongest fibre, Dyneema is fifteen times stronger than steel, yet is light enough to float on water. This innovation gives Tenzing packs unmatched protection against rips, punctures and failures.


Every Tenzing pocket, closure and zipper has been carefully designed to give hunters easy and quiet access to their gear. Yellow-coded zippers and no rattle pulls identify all entry points into the main pack compartment while each key feature is clearly labeled to help keep things organized.


The goal of hunting is to come back heavier than when you left. For this reason, Tenzing packs are built with expandable compartments that enable you to bring back the reward of a successful hunt. Extra space has been thoughtfully provided for this... but only where and when you need it.


Whether you’re tightening the load you’re hauling or attaching additional gear, Tenzing has made provisions to help you keep your things together. Packs feature numerous compression straps, which tie-down gear to help you efficiently carry heavy loads. They can also tie-up equipment and supplies to help you carry even more.


Everything on a Tenzing pack has been carefully thought through – the pockets, the compartment labels and even the straps have been painstakingly planned out. As evidence, each adjustable strap on a Tenzing pack has an elastic cuff that can be stretched over the excess length, which keeps things neat and organized while reducing noise.


Because every hunter and every hunt is unique, Tenzing packs are designed to be packed out to meet specific needs. The signature Tenzing tie-down loops provide numerous places for equipment and gear to be added, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful hunt.

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