About Us

Are you ready!

Here at Gear Pig we are focused on providing the very best in high-end camping, climbing, hunting and tactical gear.

Our team are outdoor fanatics. Yes, there’s not much we don’t do or haven’t done over the last 15 years. We are rock climbers, boulderers, bow hunters, scuba divers, abseilers, rap jumpers, hikers, obstacle racers, Army, Army Reservists, Police Officers, fitness fanatics, you get the idea.

One thing that's important to all of us is the gear we use. It’s all well and good to push the boundaries, go that little bit harder, further and longer than most and to do that you need the right gear but more importantly the gear with proven reliability.

We seek the best of the best gear, but in saying that we're not just about brand name equipment, we're about reliability and affordability. 

We dont just sell gear, we use it and we depend on it. We're about giving quality advice, supplying the most reliable equipment and at our lowest possible prices.

If you’re an adrenalin addict, hunter, operator or a gear pig preparing for the zombie apocalypse then our gear will get the job done, time and time again when there’s little or no room for error.

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